Leah + Matthew

When I first moved home to Asheville, North Carolina, I came across a photographers photo one morning while scrolling.  There was this amazing sunrise at a venue, and I just knew I needed to capture something here. The venue was Pretty Place at Camp Greenville, which still is one of the prettiest mountain views for a wedding in North Carolina.
A few months later I got a call about a couple wanting me to capture their ceremony at the venue and I jumped at the chance.  One of the photos from the ceremony went viral, and to date has over 738,000 views on google.  Talk about a great thing to happen to a new Asheville wedding photographer.  I honestly think that is what helped kick off the opening of my Asheville wedding photography studio. 
Fast forward to April of 2022 and I am driving to Key West for a couple weeks of weddings.  I hauling ass down I-95 when I get a phone call.  Leah had found my photo and was reaching out to ask me if I would make the drive from Asheville at 4am to capture her sunrise ceremony. 
Fast forward to this past October. Amidst the tranquil beauty of Fred W. Symmes Chapel in Cleveland, SC, Leah, Matt and families gathered to celebrate the joyous union of this loving couple with a memorable destination wedding that had been meticulously planned and prepared for by those involved! 
With an incredible view of majestic mountains against a golden and warm sunrise backdrop, it is no surprise why this wonderful celebration has become one of my favorite autumn weddings I have ever experienced.
I got up that morning at 3am, attempted to make breakfast, and then departed my Asheville wedding photography studio into the darkness of the early morning.
We started the morning off at a private cabin on Cedar Mountain in Dupont State Forest, which is one of this Asheville wedding photographers favorite areas to hike.  After everyone was ready, we departed the cabin at 5:15am and headed to the ceremony venue, Pretty Place.
The sun peaked over the mountains as Leah was being walked down the aisle.  The couple shared personal vows under a majestic sunrise, with god as their witness.
Afterwards we headed over to Highland Lake Resort for a brunch and some family time.  Thank you Leah and Matt for trusting me to document this special moment in your lives.