Best Man Bootcamp: Your Ultimate Guide to Being a Stellar Best Man

Three best men in suits and ties sitting on a bench.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into the nitty-gritty of being a top-notch best man to the groom. This isn’t just about showing up on the big day all steezed out in a suit. Nah, it starts before that and extends even after the Sweet Caroline is played at the end of the wedding. Oh yeah, ask me sometime about how much I love that song!

The Pre-Wedding Shenanigans

First off, your support in EVERYTHING is crucial. You honestly can make or break a wedding. Logistics are what you excel at. Be present at all the essential stuff – engagement parties, suit fittings, and remember those wild bachelor parties. Next up, get your Zen on! Weddings are a storm of stress, and someone’s gotta be calm amidst the chaos. That’s where you come in – the voice of reason in the hurricane of wedding planning.
And hey, remember to be the go-to guy for all the guests. This is super important if you’re doing the whole destination wedding thing. Be a champ and help with all the tedious stuff – hotel check-ins, transportation, event schedules, etc. It’s all about letting the groom kick back and enjoy his wedding.  Set the precedent on how your best man needs to show up on YOUR wedding day.

The Big Day

Alright, it’s game day. Rule number one? Be on time. You need to be there with all your attire, ready to rock. Your job’s still ongoing, though. You’re the liaison before the ceremony. When guests start pouring in with their myriad of questions – where to put gifts, where’s the bathroom, where’s the shuttle – you’re the one with all the answers.

Now, you might be ushering guests to their seats. Remember, this is different from the movies – no one’s gonna tell them where to sit. That’s on you. Fill the seats evenly on both sides.  Get the symmetry ready for the photographers shot of the bride walking down the aisle or from above.  Empty seats look like shit.

This gets crucial when specific seats are reserved for family and wedding party members. Once everyone’s seated, you’re at the altar with your brother. Remember to keep the weight on one leg only at all times and smile, no matter how hungover you are!

After the ceremony, resist the temptation to hit the bar immediately and help keep the wedding party together for the photos. Your photographer will love you for it!

If you’re asked to give a speech, knock it out of the park. But remember, if you’re not asked, don’t just wing it and grab the mic- you want to ensure the evening’s schedule is on track.

And guess what? You’re the life of the party, so make sure you’re the first on the dance floor. This is the best time for photos and to pull your mates up for a quick dance. Stay on the floor all night. Set the tempo, which will help ensure the groom stays on the dance floor all night with his bride.

The After Party

The wedding might be done, but your duties are still ongoing. If there’s a breakfast scheduled, you need to make sure everyone knows about it and shows up on time. Please help with the gifts, take care of returning any rentals, and check on the couple’s home while they’re off on their honeymoon. 

That’s a lot of work, but it’s what groomsmen do, right?